In 2010, the Compañía Relojera Especializada Para Actividades Subacuáticas (Specialized Watch Company for Underwater Activities) was born with a mission: rescue vintage diving watches from oblivion to reinterpret and adapt them to current technology.

The first brand was CREPAS WATCHES. CREPAS has made memorable watches, has collaborated with forum and groups, has been a pioneer in designing a watch according to their followers' opinions in social media and, nowadays, is making a watch of the biggest watches group in Facebook: Diver's Watches.

A year later, in 2011, TACTICO WATCHES was born, whose aim was creating military-inspired watches, especially pilot ones, although over the years we have made other types of watches. In summer 2015, we were pioneer in launching a successful project in Kickstarter: the Tactico GEOMASTER.

Today, three years later, we are launching a new brand and its first model.

ALMIRANTE WATCHES presents the model Navegante 120 Brazas.